Fantasy Writer’s Resources

As an aspiring writer, I figured it is my place to share whatever finds I have, especially as a fantasy writer which may perhaps be the hardest genre to write or for those in more literary circles, harder to appreciate.

The Brittania Lexicon: Another dictionary for words you may want to use.
30 Days of Worldbuilding
: Divide the time you create your world step by step.
: It is mainly an art site but even so, you can be sure to find inspiration along with other tutorials for your writing needs.
The Encyclopedia of Arda: Contains archaic words for flavor text and dialogue.
Fantasy Faction: Yet another of many fantasy writer’s or fan’s sites.
Fantasy Factor: Nice selection of articles I can recommend.
Fantasy Guide: Collection of fantasy works. Not exactly a site for writing but still you can find some works to read when you’re not writing.
Holly Lisle: Writer: A writer’s articles for writers.
How to Write a Fantasy Novel: The body of this article should be typical Creative Writing class review but do check out the links and books it lists.
Historum History Forums: Not exactly a writer’s site but it could help by reading the discussions available.
Io9 Writing: Primarily a science fiction site but it can also apply to fantasy.
Kate Monk’s Onomastikon: List of medieval names for when you can’t think of one or do not want to use a completely made up name.
Learn to Speak and Write in Elizabethan English: If you want Shakespearean dialogue  then reading this is a start.
Limyaael’s Rants: Rants about overused fantasy tropes and cliches and how to avoid them.
Mythical Creatures List: Contains the most well-organized list of mythological creatures.
Mythic Scribes: Provides not just articles, but a forum as well to discuss writing fantasy. Antonio del Drago’s articles in particular are a big help.
The Mythopoet’s Manual: Recommended for creating your own culture or religion.
The Phrontistery: Another list of archaic words.
Pace J. Miller
Pro Writing Aid: The best grammar check you will find online for free; at least in my opinion.
The Orb: Contains another list of medieval terms.
The Rejection Generator Project: Not helpful for writing at all but it helps you deal with facing a rejection from a publisher as described by the description at the beginning of the site.
Rhyme Zone: Having trouble coming up with a rhyme for a poem? Look no further.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: Specifically, the blogs. Hopefully I can join them one day.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing
Seventh Sanctum: Provides many generator to help you come up with names. Includes links to other generators, Serendipity and The Forge being some that I may recommend.
Springhole: Check Writing & Worldbuilding for some helpful articles.
Strange Horizons: Another science fiction and fantasy site for writers to check out.
Superhero Nation: Another site of writing tutorials more focused on comics in my opinion but I suppose it will work for all forms of writing.
Tv Tropes: I have provided a link to the fantasy page. Just to warn you, try not to get lost. It is addicting and also has a forum like Mythic Scribes. You will learn a lot.
Write World (Tumblr): A tumbler providing bits of advice you will be sure to find helpful.
Writing World: Yet another site of tutorials. It also features interviews from other fantasy or science fiction writers. Also, check out the books at the bottom.

If you have anything else you would like to share, than by all means post it in a comment.


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