First off, welcome to my new blog. Anyways, here’s my poem.

Looking on, I see only the clouds and the stars,
Questions directed to those now within the earth,
In my eyes and my ears, the arts of agony.
Why oh why is this beautiful world forsaken?

Why is the heart, forsaken treasure, abandoned?
My questions regard humanity’s reverie;
Ambiguity is the dragon most evil.
Evermore I struggle for a revelation.

Blood; life’s source tainted by the dark side of mankind.
Drifting alone, I seek a beacon to the ocean.
Thoughts in childhood twisted in the here and now.
Questioning words I’ve learned blooming at the garden;

Flowering now, my desire for evidence.
In fogged, everlasting night I seek radiance.
Not knowing what is rightly told, I inquire.
The answer’s from just being told or shown? Never.

Knowing not if the ultimatum’s truth or geist.
Do I seek wisdom or pursue, if blindly, faith?
Clouded by chaos, struggling so my mind may open.
Lacking these truths have made my ideals go rogue.

Before my sleep, I journey until I triumph.
Unsure if the light at the tunnel.s end is hope,
I will seek my own way regardless of the end.
Such is my journey for the greatest of all truths.

What if I witness all of humanity’s rage?
To never return to their lies of the universe,
I must seek and create my own trinity.
My heart, mind, and self: I must be my own hero.