Little do the people of Fabula know of the Novus Lux as a reality. Thought of as a myth, it is truth that this society rules the Sanctorum from the shadows, hailing themselves as gods. Upon mankind’s arrival, they have claimed the power of magick to declare themselves the gods of yore and so ruled the remainder of humanity. This led to their revolt, bringing an end to an era.

Only the former king of Navarre knew of the Novus Lux and paid the ultimate price. His friend, Roldan Aleister once led the Order, the Novus Lux’s military force, only to learn of its secrets and so sided with the people of Navarre against the Novus Lux. Both he and the king fell in combat, but then came a Usurper to continue the war against the Novus Lux. The people feared him as a demon however and only reluctantly bent the knee. Others feared the cycle of war would only begin anew. This Usurper would be feared as much as the Novus Lux was as with his claim to the crown, turmoil once again ran rampant. Many wonder his true intentions, yet only a few dare to stand against his reign.

Only one knows the truth of Navarre’s fall, a rogue Corvus who too knows of the Novus Lux. To challenge the Novus Lux is a fool’s errand, yet this vagrant will try his luck in claiming Navarre’s throne for himself to liberate not only a country, but all of those oppressed by his sworn enemies.

This is his dream.


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