Thirteen Strokes of Blood-stained Steel

Thirteen Strokes of Bloodstained Steel

My hands are yet stained.
The blood of my enemy
Never to remove?

Everlasting thirst
A wish that still continues
Grant my steel respite.

So I take the cross.
A martyr for greater good,
I defend the peace.

Such precious crimson!
Oh how I mourn my victims
Such is life’s cycle…

I will march onwards.
My journey never fulfilled.
For such am I forged.

Never am I to doubt
I must be selfless, brave, true
To champion peace

So silver, so stained.
My radiance dims by dusk.
So this lion sleeps.

Restless with lust
To the battlefield I go
For what do I fight?

Just a pawn of war
An eternal dance of red
Sanguine tears are shed.

Am I truly noble?
Have I lost my own battle?
That of the hero?

-Jū Ichi-
No longer shining,
Stained and rusted I am now.
Neither black or white.

-Jū Ni-
For both war and peace.
I shall be the crusade cross.
What am I really?

-Jū San-
Only a warrior,
I an Tempered by Hell’s flames.
To protect Heaven.


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