Why Jennifer Hepler is my hero

Doesn’t help that I still have a strong interest in writing for video games.


There are moments when I look at the games industry and despair. Whether over the defence of Dead Island’s tasteless statue or today’s comments speaking out against ex-Bioware writer Jennifer Hepler, it’s disheartening to see how many of us still cling to outdated and reprehensible discrimination which should have been left behind a long time ago.

I appreciate that the guilty parties are but a small minority (albeit with incredibly loud voices), yet it’s concerning nonetheless to see how fiercely these individuals fight their corner or the speed with which they resort to outright bigotry, racism and sexism. As Polygon noted in their exposé on the subject, ‘harassment by gamers is becoming an alarmingly regular expected element of game development’.

Yet I’m not interested in what that says about us as an industry; the answer is ‘very little’, because there are hundreds more who are inclusive and supportive…

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