Grey Joy

I have become what you may know as a freak.
Stripped of all purpose, I have now become Reek.
No more a man, pleasure I can never seek.
Oh how my pride led to me becoming meek.

Grey Joy? Is that the name you speak?
For that name, don’t you know you’re too weak?
Ah, your agony! Over that you still squeak?

I hunger for penance, not even a leek.
No more for foolish desires do I shriek.
Dead I already am, but not in physique.
In my error, I stood at the Eyrie’s peak.

Your name will not even be your own antique.
For amongst monsters even you are unique.
For all your glory, too much do you misspeak.

Even in the north, everything feels so bleak.
Winter came; the snow makes my chains creak.
For my sins let I, Theon, stay a mystique.
May no one follow my selfish, bloody streak.

*Warning: Please do not post GOT spoilers*


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