Why I think the “Wheel of Time” series is less known that “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Lord of the Rings.” -A Brief Rant

I know I should not speak as I only got into the Song of Ice and Fire series through the HBO series and consider myself a big fan who as a writer is inspired by George R. R. Martin (Incidentally, we both grew up in Bayonne yet I’m still living there and we’re both Marist High School graduates who have worked on the school newspaper.) I also don’t exactly consider my self extremely passionate for literature despite being an English major, specifically for creative writing, at my college. As you may all know, I once wanted to be a game designer but I have little artistic skill so I decided I’d write for them. I realized though that I just want to write in general though. The last chapter of the “Wheel of Time” series was recently¬†released but the only reason I have never even bought myself a copy yet was because I haven’t even started the first book. I would like to get into the series in fact as I heard lots of good things about it yet it’s overshadowed by Martin’s and Tolkien’s work.


I really think that the Wheel of Time series needs to be adapted into film or a television series so that it can get a wider audience and encourage sales of the original books. I too consider myself part of an audience entranced by an adaptation. Because film and television is a big part of modern culture, we sometimes even forget about the original version of a work and even begin to accept their changes as actual canon such as Doctor Frankenstein having a hunchbacked assistant or naming the Beauty “Belle” and having her talk to enchanted objects. Sadly, it’s hard to appreciate a good old novel or original version of a story in the modern world. I really do not know much of the Wheel of Time series but I am sure that it can become very popular should it be adapted for a lay(as in television and film watching) audience. Then again, during Hurricane Sandy, I suffered only a blackout for a few days and finally got to read “A Dance with Dragons” even though it was really through my iPad. So, what do you think about the points I made about how society relies too much on modern forms of entertainment and have a hard time appreciating simpler measures? As an aspiring writer, I feel that I should read the original works as opposed to relying on just “modern” media.


2 thoughts on “Why I think the “Wheel of Time” series is less known that “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Lord of the Rings.” -A Brief Rant

  1. I read the Wheel of Time series in high school, and it was … fine. I wasn’t hugely impressed by it, to be honest. That being said, I’m given to understand that it’s a very popular series with many fans worldwide. Maybe they aren’t planning a tv show because of how complicated it would be? I know they made Terry Goodkind’s phenomenal Sword of Truth series into a tv show, and that ended … not terribly, but not very well, either. The show was kind of campy, didn’t really follow the plot, and only lasted two seasons.

  2. It along with Sword of truth would make epic shows if given the HBO treatment, I like to think that hopefully the succes of GoT and LOTR/Hobbit will encourage more TV/Film execs to tacle the fantasy genre, there is so much untapped potential and with the total lack of new ideas coming on Screens now days it would make sense.
    And yes you should read the Wheel of Time!

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