The Lunatic

New to this sea, I am now lost.
In this ocean, I disappear,
Only a thrall to lunacy.
On this voyage, I am star-crossed.
My mind’s chaos is what I fear.

My sights cleared, I try to reach the sun.
Yet, it is way far from my hand’s reach.
Lonely at the verdant grounds, I yearn.
Blinded by awe, I seek its breach.
Both towards and away I cannot run.

Halfway there, the radiance takes my sight.
Minor to this light as it always burns.
Its captivating wonder is my envy.
Yet to grasp its glory takes all my might.
This star’s radiance is what my heart yearns.

As I approach the shores of this paradise,
I contemplate on how I sought its glory;
An exodus from darkness- enlightenment.
Enduring the flames, I shall tell this story.
Through these trials, I conquer lunacy’s vice.

Now at one with my subconscious, I will now shine.
I will shed my light on the lost to find their way.
As I become the glory in the black hours,
I will have become much like the sun’s golden ray.
The lunacy in my heart will now intertwine.

While those on the green land will heed my advice,
The laws of the universe I still obey,
I am always inferior to the stars.
The burden of all the stars I cannot weigh.
I can only share a fraction to suffice.

My grandeurs have simply been a flight.
My retreat from my troublesome concerns.
To be one with the stars is heresy:
An eclipse to destroy other’s discerns.
Instead of dreams, I would become a blight.

Fallacies born from what fate have spun.
One day, its glory I shall beseech.
Not now, but when its power is lost.
Only then, shall the wise masters preach:
Shining at night, over which I won.

My passion burns beyond my frost.
I have both lost and won this sphere
Having conquered my lunacy,
Conquering doubts, my mind is clear.
Through the night, my glory is tossed.


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