Broken Shields

They no longer war with shield in hand.
Protection, distorted into an iron brand.
Now, we can no longer fight fire with water.
Solitude is now the coward’s slaughter. 

The skies rain and the earth trembles in its ire.
War forever wages, all hours dire.
The heavens deceive yet they are sanguine,
In truth, all is gloom and poison is wine.

Many create a false light; also steel.
These fragmented shields form scars that will never heal.
Once armor; it is now a weapon most deadly.
Its adamantine iron shines redly.

The broken aegis, now brandished by savages,
Bastions of solace lie in ravages,
No longer does our home have salvation.
There is no sanctuary, only cessation.

Remolded by hellfire into destruction,
Providence is forged solely by promise.
Now I know justice is only man’s construction.

 (This poem was inspired by the Newtown shootings, hence the tag)Image

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