Fate Had Her Way

Lady Fate has had her way with me,
No matter how much I try to avoid her.
To my life Lady Fate shall return to be.
An encounter with this wench will always recur.

Why am I pursued by a sister so weird?
Have I received the curse of Hecate?
To me why has Lady Fate appeared?
Am I supposed to undergo my own fate?

How could Fate be such a cruel mistress?
Why does she take control of my karma?
She has forced me to consume her bitter yet saccharine citrus.
A nectar that can perhaps awaken me to my true dharma.

Fate, why have you forsaken I?
Is it because I try to avoid you?
It is as if you have set unto me your evil eye.
Is it because I try to avoid what is due?

Fate is a mistress who is both kind and cruel.
Whether we try to control it or not,
Over life does Lady Fate ultimately rule.
Lady Fate is the one who sews together life’s plot.

Even though I accept the message of the stars,
I will make the best out of what Lady Fate has sewn.
My inner being shall reach beyond life’s bars.
Ultimately, the journey we undertake in our story is but our own.



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