Chain-bound Marionettes

Why must we remain prisoners of our masters’ will?
Forced at our knees to the puppeteers of great skill,
With bindings thin as string yet harsh as a steel cane,
Those without their fearsome master only stay still.
They force themselves for their king to dance and to kill,
Willingly handing over threads of their own brain.

What oath have we let bind us to the iron chain?
Enslaving ourselves to only cause our forced pain.
As if a flock of sheep led to a slaughter mill,
Being as chain-bound marionettes for false gain,
For Stockholm, Eden’s refuge to keep this reign,
We have replaced our thoughts for this lord to fulfill.

Played as puppets, yet we are bound to be as slaves,
Why not wish like Pinnochio to be real?
Fearing pain, we remain bound by the cords of steel.
We fear that our freedom will lead us to our graves.

Only breaking these strings will conclude this ordeal.
Through the scourging of the blind fools liberty braves.
Unbound by the puppet’s chains fleeing from our caves,
The fruits of life, liberty, and happiness heal.


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