Beyond Pandora’s Box

Even as all the evils are released,
Hidden still is the ray of Hope.
Despite the mad spirits and feral beasts,
To find promise I must elope.

Beyond the slings and arrows come delight.
This is why the box must undo.
There must be both fear and rest in the night.
‘Tis the fruit from which all souls grew.

I must never fear all adversary,
Enduring life’s flames and fire,
Acting free on this stage’s scenery.
Until Hope is gained I tire.

Now my heart is free, thanks to Pandora.
She who defied higher power.
I know we are far from the aurora,
Warring with demons each hour.

Why must I fear that too which was set free?
That of which my spirit grows on?
Through slaying dragons and demons I be.
Wishing for strength, even at dawn.

Thanks to Pandora, one who bears all gifts.
I am granted strength in this gloom.
Until Fate comes, I suffer Hades’ rifts.
Through my blood may Hope one day bloom.


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