Master of his Art

To slay the dragon- all the world’s bane,
He quests for the love of the fair princess.
He will bring an end to the tyrant’s reign.
Never without his steel, the wanderer seeks power.

He has traveled the earth for his pride and glory,
His vision- a legacy as the champion.
A master of his art he shall be, ending his story.
The wanderer sojourns every hour.

The wanderer’s always ready to fight.
Aware of all his burdens on the field:
Honing his art every step, he gains might.
As set forth by the fates, he will never cower.

Leaving behind him a trail of his foes’ blood,
Set upon the rocky passage on his travels,
Every strike of his must become a crimson flood.
He will become in his pursuit dour.

His disillusion becoming his scar,
He embarks on the quest of a hero.
Haunted in his deep thought by the bizarre,
He shall voyage fuelled by what has turned him sour.

Knowing the talent in his art a gift,
He fights to be champion of his arena.
With his finesse, he slays the fiends beyond the rift.
Through his steel will come the scarlet shower.

Dreaming for the people to sing his name,
The wanderer will always walk this path.
His passion guides his nights and fuels his flame.
This torch reveals his way to the furthest tower.

To slay its dragon, he wields not the hero’s sword.
He knows that it is futile to shed the fiend’s blood.
His legacy is not of steel, but of his word.
To the scribes may his tale empower.


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