Lost and Found

One dreary day,
When I have lost my way.
I saw that my despairs have gone a sway.

Than, on a wall I saw a flyer.
It was than my dismay became prior.
the clock reached the apex, now no more hours dire.

This led to a rediscovered joy in me,
After the past torment, it was than that I could truly see.
The darkness inside of me became glee.

It was all due to my passion as a scribe.
The thing to vanish was my despair to circumscribe.
Ever better was that I realized this was no bribe.

The next day was one of joy.
I finally had an hour to enjoy.
It was if a child got a desired toy.

Because of my newfound passion I have found pleasure.
This radiance that I discovered became my treasure.
This new rapture I found is hard to ultimately measure.

I have found a gift to strike my blight.
This radiance how provided me with great inner might.
This strength has also granted me true sight.

All I want must say is thanks.
I have been shown a ray to fill my darkened blanks.
A radiance to dry my sorrowful banks.


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